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Residential Investments - 12 11 2020

Thanks for your interest in residential investment properties. AFO are pleased to be able to present to you the following rental investment properties.

These properties all have a potential ROI rate around 7.3% and over 10%. All of the properties highlighted today are fully occupied. At AFO, we only present opportunities with investment returns that are attractive and competitive. We believe our investors will be successful partners for many years to come.

I have reviewed a great many properties on the market as of December 11, and have put together a spreadsheet looking at the rate of return on initial investment. The properties I included present the best options on the market today. These properties currently have some form of rental income or there is a great opportunity to get some within the first 30 days of owning the property. Some provide opportunities to improve the Rate of Return. Each line represents one property.

Please Contact me with questions. I'll provide updates every week or other week with quality investment opportunities that are on (or off) the market. If you can think of anyone else who may have some interest in receiving this email, please send them this email and have them reach out to me at:

757.580.2991 |

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


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