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Next Steps...

As I was preparing for my day and making a list of what I wanted to accomplish, I wrote down at the top of my page, "Don't stop because you can't see the finish line; just take the next step." I've done many races where I haven't really known the course, but had a general sense of how far a way the finish line would be. In most running races there are signs, cones, flags, and course volunteers letting runners know which way to go, so all we really need to do is just focus on getting across the finish line as fast as possible.

Sometimes, however, there is no defined finish line. As we started AFO Realty, we knew what it could be as we imagined in our minds, however we knew that there was so much more to it than just helping people buy and sell homes. We knew each day that we were faithful in the little things, God would begin to open up opportunities to not only grow the business, but make an impact on the surrounding neighborhoods.

Like any good business plan, by the time you think it's been perfected, you need to edit it again because the business is growing and the economy is changing. It's not a bad thing, it's just something that needs to happen. When it comes to AFO, my hope and prayer is that I don't get to see the finish line in my lifetime, I pray that it will last generations and will continue to make a lasting, positive impact on the community. I would like to see that it continues to grow, adapt, thrive and bless the employees and local community.

The finish line is not a set place; it's now turning into a daily choice to make sure I make decisions to enable the company to live long after I am gone. What does that look like? For now, just taking one more step to where I feel like AFO can have the biggest impact.

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