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Getting or Building?

Would you rather be given $10,000 or learn how to make $10,000? Of course some of you already know how to make $10,000, and some of you could probably give $10,000 to 100 people right now without blinking an eye (if this is you, let me know and we can find some solid real estate investments for you), but the point of the question is to see if you would be willing to learn how to build something, or would you rather just have it given to you.

The popular saying, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life”, is what we’re getting at here. I’d rather spend the time to learn to build wealth than to be given it. The man teaching the student how to fish is going to be with the student and offer support as he’s learning. As you’re learning how to build wealth, support is needed until you’re able to be self sufficient.

If I’m just given something, chances are I won’t be able to manage and maintain that money. I would imagine that the $10,000 check would be gone within a couple of months. If I was to take the time to learn how to make $10,000, not only would I value that money more, manage it and use it wisely, I would probably be motivated and eager to make another $10K, and then another, and then teach someone else to do the same.

Taking the time to learn to build something is much more long lasting than just receiving something. There will be some mistakes made, there will be some valuable lessons learned, however, at the end of the day (hopefully), you won’t make the same mistakes again, and you will be able to pass those lessons on to the next person. Just having a goal to make money is fleeting, you’ll never have enough, and it will never satisfy you. However, if you search your heart, ask yourself “what you could do with that money”, and you will be able to attach a “why” to your “what”.

We all need money to live, but we don’t need to live for money. Find a reason why you want to make money, attach a purpose to every dollar, build wealth, and you will be successful and a blessing. Staying true to your convictions, values and morals, you should be able to build something that will last generations, and impact the community around you. As you open your heart to living for something more than yourself, your whole world will open up, and you can build something great. If you’re willing to go on a journey to learn and build wealth, let me know and we can talk about various ways to do just that!!

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